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About the Service

We check domain name availability by looking at the zone records for the domain. It is possible for a registered domain name to not have any DNS records, and in this case it would incorrectly be reported as available. This happens in less than 1% of cases. It is not possible for an available domain name to have DNS records though, so we will never say a domain name is taken when it is available to register.

We take your privacy very seriously. We will never share the results of your domain name availability checks with any one, and we will not review them internally. Some registrars have hurt their reputations by "front running" domain availability checks, meaning that if you don't take the domain name within a few days they will register it themselves. Others will start spamming you with emails promoting the domain names you searched for and found to be available, trying to get you to purchase them. We will never use either of these tactics.